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Matching Numbers & Colours

This Frog Street activity is all about matching! Matching activities improve children’s concentration, train their visual memory and increase their attention to detail. Preschoolers can practice their numbers by matching the numbered items on the left to the corresponding numbers on the right. Toddlers can learn their colours by matching the colour blocks on the…

Ordering by Size

Ordering by Size

Materials you will need: Short clear plastic cups Food colouring Pitcher to hold water baster or dropper (if you have one) Invite your child to pretend to be the concession stand worker at the zoo or movies. Have them fill plastic cups with different levels of “soda” (coloured water) and then arrange them in order…


Making Shadows

This Frog Street activity is all about fun with shadows! Get your child to stand in front of a light and show them how they can use their hands or body to make various shapes, animals, and creatures! You can even take it a step further by working together to tell their favourite story through…