BrightPath Calgary NW Childcare Centres

About BrightPath Calgary NW Centres

Voted by parents as one of the Top 3 Best Early Education and Care Providers in the Calgary community for the last 5 years.
Come visit one of our BrightPath Childcare Centres near you in North West Calgary and see how we provide the best intellectual, social and physical child development programs, while we focus on safe childcare environments where children can explore and learn in the care of the most capable and nurturing staff. The programs provided by our childcare educators encourage independence and foster a love of knowledge in children. Come by for a tour of our childcare facilities at a Calgary North West childcare centre near you!

6 Calgary North West Childcare Centres to Serve You!


BrightPath Beddington

Our BrightPath Beddington daycare is only minutes away from the busy Beddington Towne Centre in Calgary NW. Our daycare's location makes pickups and drop-offs easy for commuting parents. Our daycare centre provides children with the opportunity to roam and explore natural settings.

3 Bermuda Road NW
Calgary NW


BrightPath Bowness

BrightPath Bowness is located in Calgary NW, in the midst of the Bowness community. Our daycare centre features spacious rooms and a beautiful outdoor space surrounded by trees. The centre is focused on diversity and inclusion and welcomes families from all around the world to our daycare.

3711 73rd Street NW
Calgary NW


BrightPath Creekside

Our BrightPath Creekside centre is all about family. Our daycare environments are open, inviting and host warm and loving educators. Our daycare centre is located in Calgary NW and the children are free to learn and explore our large outdoor areas in their home away from home.

12630 Symons Valley Road
Calgary NW

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BrightPath Highland Park

BrightPath Highland Park provides a warm welcoming daycare environment blended with nature. We offer hands-on experiences for the children at our daycare to explore the world around them. Our daycare has spacious and well-equipped classrooms that give children the opportunity for discovery.

4311 1A Street NW
Calgary NW


BrightPath Ranchlands

At  our Brightpath Ranchlands daycare, the wellbeing and development of children is our top priority. Our daycare centre provides age-appropriate programs and activities that emphasize learning through exploration and play. Our hardworking daycare staff works as a team to ensure quality care and education.

Unit 240, 1829 Ranchlands Blvd
Calgary NW


BrightPath Sage Hill

Our BrightPath Sage Hill daycare features a large outdoor playground and lots of open space for the children to learn and discover. Our daycare has large windows in each classroom to bring in natural light, creating an inviting learning space for children and families.

71 Sage Hill Passage NW
Calgary NW