BrightPath Kelowna Childcare Centres

About BrightPath Kelowna Centres

Drop by and visit one of our two BrightPath Kelowna Childcare Facilities. We specialize in creating warm, nurturing learning environments where all of the children in our care feel safe, secure and welcome. Each one of our educators is dedicated and passionate about what they do, foster a love of learning in each and every child and encourage children to explore and discover while learning through play.

2 Kelowna Childcare Centres to Serve You!

BrightPath Kelowna Childcare Centres

Our BrightPath Kelowna Childcare Centres near you are situated in the Okanagan Valley in the Southern Interior of BC. BrightPath Kelowna Centres take advantage of the seasonal weather from sunny warm days to cold and snowy afternoons, allowing children to learn, play and explore outside of a typical childcare environment and giving them the opportunities to learn through play. Drop by and visit one of our BrightPath Kelowna centres near you and tour our wonderful facilities!


BrightPath West Kelowna

Our Brightpath West Kelowna daycare is centrally located making it convenient for families living in surrounding areas. Our daycare educators have created warm, inviting and creative classrooms for all ages: infants, toddlers & preschoolers, to ensure all children feel included.

3660 Brown Road
Kelowna, BC


BrightPath Lawrence Avenue

Our BrightPath Lawrence Avenue Daycare centre offers children a large and diverse outdoor space to play. Our daycare educators follow structured routines, a play-based and child-led daycare curriculum and help our centre maintain a caring family feel.