Enriched Preschool Program-Ontario

What is it?

A full-day program geared for children aged 4 to 5 years who would typically have enrolled into kindergarten outside of the Covid-19 pandemic. Offered during regular operating hours of the centre, with a mid-morning and afternoon snack and hot lunch.

Our Enriched Preschool Program is aligned with the Frog Street preschool-aged curriculum set. Intentional instruction focused on skill development within the social-emotional domain, the language and communication domain, the emergent literacy domain, the mathematics domain, and the science domain.

Social-Emotional Skills

  • Improved self-concept
  • Increased self-control
  • Increased ability for emotional regulation
  • Social competency

Language and Communication Skills

  • Increased self-expression
  • Increased receptive understanding
  • Vocabulary development

      Emergent Literacy Skills

      • Increased motivation to read
      • Development of strong pre-reading skills/phonological awareness
      • Development of alphabet knowledge
      • Increased comprehension of text
      • Movement to independent printing to convey meaning

        Mathematic Skills:

        • One to one correspondence
        • Order and sequence skills
        • Numeration skills, including adding to and taking away skills
        • Geometry and spatial skills

        Science Skills

        • Observation skills
        • Measurement skills
        • Environmental responsibility
        •  Personal health