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Welcome To Queens Montessori Academy

What Sets Us Apart

  • Curriculum

    Our centre’s curriculum is built on the Montessori method. Based on the work of Dr. Maria Montessori, this method uses self-directed activity, collaborative play and hands-on learning to develop independent thinking, self-awareness, motivation and discipline. Children have a natural drive to learn through play. Our Montessori curriculum simply harnesses that drive to facilitate growth and development.

  • Early Childhood Educators

    With a variety of certifications and a solid foundation of experience, our early childhood educators are well-equipped to facilitate your child’s learning in a safe and engaging environment. Our directresses are passionate about child care and the Montessori method. They apply our curriculum with a warm and supportive approach that allows each child to feel like Queens Montessori is their home-away-from-home.

  • Communication

    Open communication between our staff and your family is crucial. We maintain an open-door policy, allowing you to meet with our directresses and discuss your child’s progress. In addition to open houses, report cards, parent interviews and other opportunities, our BrightPath Connect™ app ensures you’re always tuned-in to your child’s progress and development.

  • Nutrition

    Food is vital to your child’s mental and physical development. We’ve collaborated with a registered nutritionist on our menu to ensure your child has all the fuel they need to learn and grow. We use fresh and local ingredients as much as possible when preparing your child’s lunch and snacks. All the food we offer is prepared in-house daily.

Welcome to Queens Montessori Academy

At Queens Montessori Academy, we believe that by developing a strong foundation in the early years, you are able to positively impact a child’s potential for future learning. We pride ourselves on our pure Montessori curriculum and adhere tightly to the Montessori method to ensure your child has a highly effective and enlightening experience. Through Montessori, we encourage children to learn and grow at their own pace; discovering the world around them firsthand and developing their own interests. Our goal is to help your child build their self-esteem, independence and a lifelong love of learning.

Our curriculum and inter-curricular activities encourage your child to try new things and discover new passions while socializing and collaborating with other children. By being placed in classrooms with a wider breadth of ages, older children learn to teach the younger ones and take on leadership roles early on. It is our belief that confidence goes hand-in-hand with a good education and so we strive to provide both.

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