What Is Montessori?

The Montessori method is a specific strategy for early childhood education. Based on the work of Dr. Maria Montessori, this philosophy dictates that, by treating children with respect and granting them structured freedom, we can help them develop into driven, independent and creative adults. Through Montessori, a child can use their own senses to discover the world first-hand; learning and growing at their own pace.

At Queens Montessori Academy, we firmly believe in the Montessori method and adhere closely to its standards. Our Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators accreditation means our curriculum is based purely on Montessori principles. Each classroom is equipped with at least one Montessori qualified directress to facilitate your child’s learning.

Montessori Areas of Learning

Practical Life

The practical life area of Montessori equips your child with the everyday skills they’ll need throughout their life. This area is particularly important for toddlers. We use basic tasks like pouring, ladling and folding to help your child develop their hand-eye coordination and balance. Practical life also deals with social grace and courtesy. Through daily meals, conversations and simple clean-up jobs like wiping up a spill, your child learns how to take care of themselves, others and their surroundings.



A child should rely on all five senses to discover the world. The sensorial area gives your child the chance to experience things for themselves; seeing, hearing, touching, then drawing their own conclusions from what they’ve experienced. Our classrooms are rich in didactic sensory material, incorporating diverse colours, textures, shapes and patterns. Sensorial exercises help a child develop a sense of order and lays the foundation for further education in science and math.



Language and communication are a key part of the human experience. Our goal is to help each child learn how to listen patiently to others and communicate their own ideas with confidence. We also work with your child to improve their reading comprehension and written communication skills.

Children have an uncanny ability to learn and understand new languages. In addition to exercises designed to strengthen your child’s grasp of English, we also offer regular games, songs and activities in French provided by a French specialist.



We introduce children to numbers, counting and rudimentary mathematical concepts through a variety of songs, activities and finger plays. Even more subtle activities like setting the table help us to build your child’s general understanding of basic math. As your child gets older and progresses, we start to introduce more advanced concepts through didactic materials. Once your child has mastered some concepts individually, we will move on to exercises that bring them all together, helping your child to develop a more complete grasp of quantities and sequences.



The culture area of Montessori includes science, art and music. Our curriculum allows your child to explore these realms independently, discovering their own passions and learning about the impact they have on society. Science-based activities dealing with botany and geography help your child feel connected to the earth and understand its importance, while music and art help your child explore self-expression and relate to others.