Recreational Programs

Discovery Through Recreation

Our engaging recreational programs allow your child to explore their interests, work in groups and socialize with other children while in an encouraging environment. Through these programs, they can develop self-discipline and self-esteem while discovering unexplored passions.


Dance is an excellent way to help children develop spatial awareness and discipline. We offer ballet and hip-hop dance instruction, both of which can be a positive outlet for excess energy and can introduce your child to self-expression through music and movement.



As one of the world’s more popular martial arts, Karate places a heavy emphasis on discipline and responsibility. Through prescribed movements and forms practiced in unison, your child learns body and spatial awareness as well as mindfulness.



This class is all about tapping into your child’s creative side. Children explore primary colours, pastels, paints, drawing, shapes and textures. A focus on “Art Basics” will help to develop visual-spatial skills, innovation skills and trigger interpretation and individuality.