Additional Programs

Learn, Get Active and Have Fun

Our immersive additional programs are offered in small class sizes within an encouraging environment, include a wide array of offerings and are led by passionate and enthusiastic teachers.

Early Readers

A strong base in early literacy is the best gift you can give your child. Our reading program assesses and creates individual programs for their success, building confidence while reinforcing alphabet and sound recognition. The program teaches children the basic concepts of literacy to begin reading; strategies include small group instruction, movement, fine motor skills and games. Your child will find their confidence and learn to love reading!


Junior Mathletes

Early Math allows children to get started with Math practice in a fun way. It is ideal for children aged four to six years and is a wonderful way to get kids ready for preschool and kindergarten. Children will be taught basic math concepts from an array of best-practice approaches, guiding them to learn while engaging in intentional, play-based activities. The program encourages an understanding in attribute recognition, classification, patterning, one to one correspondence, and ordering and sequencing.

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