Learning at Home

As children are home and cannot currently participate in learning in the classroom, we have created online resources to help support families during this time. We will be posting weekly lessons for each age group as well, recipes, story time, yoga, music and more!

We also post daily activities on our social media related to our weekly lessons, so be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with our latest posts and now online lessons on our Youtube channels!


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Our Learning at Home initiative was created for our children and families who were suddenly faced with the need to shelter in place as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our goal has been to support you, our families, during this challenging time by providing you with a set of learning activities every week designed specifically for your children, similar to what they would be doing in daycare. Activities have been thoughtfully developed for each age group and aligned with the current daycare curriculum as if your children were still attending one of our childcare centres. The Learning at Home content has been organized to include infants, toddlers, preschoolers, pre-kindergarteners and school-age children.  We have used the Frog Street curriculum series as the framework for the bulk of our weekly learning activity sets.  However, there is also a specific section devoted to those young learners who follow the Montessori approach.   Families simply need to select their child’s age group for current weekly activity descriptions.

Within each of these specific learning sets, you will find five different weekly activity descriptions, each targeting a specific developmental domain to promote whole child development.  These include the physical, creative, cognitive, language and social-emotional areas of development.  Implementing one of these five activities each day throughout the course of the week helps to ensure your child is activating these critical areas of development. We have also recognized the current needs and challenges of families when designing our specific activities. Our goal has been to create engaging activities, while keeping them fun and easy to make with materials typically found around your home.

You will note added greeting circles and theme content videos within three of our age groups, the toddlers, the preschoolers and the pre-kindergarteners, who follow the Frog Street childcare curriculum.  These videos are produced every week and are designed to give you insight into the social-emotional skills we strive to teach the children in our care.  As well, these videos offer a snapshot of the different activities Frog Street offers that are also designed to target multiple developmental domains.

We have also listened to feedback from our families and have added a section devoted to enhanced math and literacy activities.  These are meant for those children who are actively seeking more engagement, while showing strides in their pre-reading and pre-math skills.  Please feel free to explore these options, but know they are not necessarily part of our daily curriculum expectations within our childcare centres.

Finally, we have also included sections within our Learning at Home content to include recreational activities, story times, and recipes.  You will discover a multitude of dance, yoga, and music performances designed to foster a love for creative and joyful expression on the part of your children.  A variety of story time videos shared by some of our coaches are also found within our Learning at Home content.   You also have access to a series of fun and nutritious recipes that you and your children can follow together from your own kitchen. These sections add important elements of learning and help to complete a holistic learning environment while at home.

We hope you enjoy our Learning at Home content, and we are committed to providing it throughout our recovery period.