STEAM Program

Young children are natural-born scientists and explorers! This makes early childhood the most opportune stage for STEAM learning.

At Montessori by BrightPath, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math or STEAM learning is a natural part of our day. Our indoor and outdoor environments are equipped with tools and opportunities for children to explore with their minds and with their senses. Our educators expand their learning by offering tangible experiences, experiments and lessons to help children build connections, hypothesize, design, build, test, share ideas and solve problems

Our STEAM learning fosters a variety of 21st century skills including critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, creativity and innovation within the following disciplines:




Using the scientific method to learn about the world and how it works by exploring, generating a hypothesis, gathering data, looking for relationships and patterns, and discussing ideas and results.



Exploring tools such as balance scales to compare weights, magnifying lenses to observe living things, and digital tools like calculators, computers, tablets, cameras, and timers.




Designing structures and exploring simple machines (pulleys and levers) that help us solve problems.



Using process-based art to expand imagination and express our theories and ideas.




Studying quantities (how many or how much), structures (shapes), space (distances and measurement), and estimation.

We offer an interdisciplinary approach that allows children to explore STEAM concepts in different settings and through different lenses. For example, a child may engineer a tower with blocks as he or she tries to build a tall, yet stable structure. That child also takes on the role of a scientist when he or she explores how blocks of different materials, shapes, and textures affect the strength and stability of the tower. That child might also use mathematics and technology to measure the heights of the towers. The child may later recreate that tower using his or her choice of art medium.