Montessori Environments

Authentic Montessori environments encompass the following principles:

  • The learning environment is carefully prepared to fulfil the needs of each child and enable them to become independent, active learners.
  • Mixed age groups which not only offer a wide range of activities to spark children’s interest but also enable children to learn from others and learn by helping others.
  • Freedom for children to work at their own pace, without interruption, choosing from a range of activities that are developmentally challenging and appropriate.
  • Exploration is encouraged so that children find things out for themselves, make mistakes and correct them independently.
  • Respect for each child as an individual personality with unique talents.
  • Respect for others, the community and the environment.

The Bambini (Infant) Program
(6 weeks-18 months)

Our Bambini program addresses the crucial role that the development of trust plays in a human being’s development. Our educators understand how important it is to respond to a child’s communication- whether it is the communication of a physical or an emotional need. By being responded to in the moment, children develop a sense of being cared for, loved, respected and accepted. Our environment encourages these little ones to freely move about. As they encounter different materials in their specially designed classroom, the children begin to absorb the impressions that will form the basis of their understanding of the world.

Toddler Program (18 months-2.5 years)

Our Toddler environment is thoughtfully prepared and allows the young child to experience and explore an environment designed to meet their specific development needs. As our young children encounter the environment and the carefully prepared materials, they begin to purposefully engage in practical life activities, language activities, sensorial activities and art activities, to name a few. These experiences help the toddler to gain independence, confidence, control of movement and helps them to begin to realize patterns of order and sequencing. Real-life, focused activities and experiences assist the toddler in becoming grounded in their real, lived world.


Casa Program (2.5-6 years)

A Montessori Casa classroom has a mixed-age group of children who are encouraged to learn from and help each other. The children in this kind of classroom become a family, where there are lots of opportunities to work with a friend, teach someone what you know, help someone out with a problem, or work by yourself. This unique situation encourages children to grow both socially and individually.

Materials in a Montessori environment are carefully prepared and maintained and are arranged in specific areas of interest to children. They are meant to arouse a child’s interest and help them develop a variety of skills – from refining fine motor skills to establishing a solid framework for mathematical concepts.

As a result, our Montessori classroom helps children grow into capable, kind, caring people who demonstrate care for themselves, for others, and for the world in which they live.