BrightPath Academy understands that early childhood development sets the foundation for life-long learning and behaviours. Our Academy child care centres are dedicated to delivering a curriculum that ensures we are meeting each individual child’s developmental needs in an inclusive and holistic environment. At BrightPath Academy we acknowledge that children are competent, capable, curious, and rich in potential. Children have the freedom to explore, take safe risks, and discover through trial and error. BrightPath Academy welcomes individuality, celebrates uniqueness, encourages creative expression, and fosters an environment where belonging and freedom of expression are integral.

Our program is designed to care for and educate the children through both play-based and instructional guidance that will support the children’s learning through the process of interest-based scaffolding. This promotes an understanding of and gained knowledge in language and literacy, mathematics and sciences, physical literacy, and social-emotional learning. Our curriculum focuses on what the children are interested in and builds academia within that focus to keep the children interested and the learning meaningful.

Our learning environments are set up to act as a third teacher. This means providing access to rich educational materials, having quiet and social areas for best learning, teaching responsibility to the children, and working as a community to create an environment that is organized and promotes readiness to learn.

The program offers a combination of Early Childhood Educators and certificated teachers. Our educators are qualified, knowledgeable, and responsive play partners. Educators are continual learners who support the children’s growth by building an interest-based curriculum and learning alongside the children. This process of teaching builds curiosity and provides different opportunities and techniques to confidently problem solve and further inquire as well as challenge their abilities to enhance their skills and insight.

Infant Curriculum

This unique program provides support in five key developmental domains: language, cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. The infant Academy curriculum starts at birth and continues until 18 months of age. During this time, educators focus on building positive, trusting relationships, early communication skills, and support infants to reach self-actualization.


Toddler Curriculum

This program focuses on the continued refinement of social-emotional skills, specifically self-regulation and communication skills. Small group and individual lessons are offered throughout the day, providing opportunities to assimilate knowledge and refine skills. This program is for ages 18 to 30 months.


Pre-School Curriculum

The focus in our pre-k rooms is developing, refining, and supporting key literacy and numeracy skills with an emphasis on discovery, imaginative play and exploration, creative arts, cosmic, continent studies, and small worlds. Preschool children are focused on learning independence and developing skills for school readiness. 

To support early literacy and Junior Kindergarten prep, our preschool program incorporates the Jolly Phonics© program: a fun, child-centred approach to teaching literacy to young children through synthetic phonics with actions to the 42 sounds in the English language.


Club Zone: Before & After Care 

Beach Location Only (JK – Grade 6)

Club Zone is a fun place to prepare for the school day and a great place to unwind after school, complete homework, and participate in extracurricular activities. Optional clubs include private music lessons, Lego Robotics, yoga,  magic, chess, karate, and dance. Educators escort the children to and from Kew Beach Junior Public School. Drop-off is after 7:30 am, and pick-up is before 6:00 pm.


Club Zone: Summer Camp

Beach Location Only (JK – Grade 6)

Club Zone Summer Camp is a fun place to explore and unwind during the summer months. There are a lot of amazing adventures to look forward to, including Tree Top Trekking and discovering the world of Mad Science to name a few. Snacks are catered by Real Food For Real Kids. Summer Camp starts at 7:30 am, and pick-up is at 6:00 pm. 

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