10  New Year’s Eve Activities for Families

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Dec 27, 2023

New Year's Eve is just around the corner, and it's the perfect occasion for families to come together, reflect on the past year, and kick off the new one with a bang!

As the year draws to a close and the countdown to midnight begins, New Year's Eve is a special time for reflection, celebration, and making memories with loved ones. While it's often associated with parties and festivities for adults, it's also a wonderful opportunity for families to come together and create lasting traditions. Here are a few delightful New Year's Eve ideas for kids that will make the evening memorable for the whole family.

1. DIY Party Decorations

Kickstart your New Year's Eve celebration by involving the whole family in creating festive decorations. You can make banners, paper lanterns, and colourful streamers. Let the kids' creativity shine as they craft and decorate, adding a personal touch to your New Year's Eve decor. These decorations will not only set the mood but also provide a sense of accomplishment and excitement.

2. Movie Night Extravaganza

Transform your living room into a cozy movie theater for the evening. Allow each family member to pick their favourite movie, pop some popcorn, and create a comfy movie-watching space with blankets and pillows. Consider screening family-friendly classics or animated films for the kids. You can even have a countdown to the new year with a special "midnight" movie for the little ones before their bedtime.

3. Game Night Galore

New Year's Eve activities wouldn't be complete without a family game night. Gather a selection of board games, card games, and puzzles suitable for all ages. Encourage friendly competition and create teams with parents and kids mixed together. Classic games like Charades, Pictionary, or a family trivia quiz can add an extra layer of fun and laughter.

4. Make Fun Drinks

While the adults may enjoy sparkling wine or champagne, the kids can have their own sparkling fun with a mocktail mixing session. Set up a "juice bar" with a variety of fruit juices, soda, and fun garnishes like fruit slices and cocktail umbrellas. Let the kids enjoy creating their own fancy non-alcoholic drinks. They can even give their drinks creative names.

5. Reflect and Set Goals

As the year comes to an end, take some time for reflection and goal-setting as a family. Ask each family member to share their favourite memories from the past year and discuss the things they're looking forward to in the coming year. You can create a "family time capsule" by writing down your goals and sealing them in an envelope to be opened next New Year's Eve. It's a wonderful way to foster family unity and set positive intentions for the future. Not sure where to start? Try embracing mindfulness and gratitude or making nature walks a family priority next year!  

6. Watch the Ball Drop

Tune in to the televised broadcast of the New Year's Eve ball drop in Times Square, New York City. Even if you're not in the Big Apple, this iconic event is a must-watch tradition for many families. Gather around the TV and count down the seconds together. Celebrate with cheers and confetti poppers as the new year officially begins.

7. Fireworks Display

If local regulations permit, watching a fireworks display can be the grand finale to your family's New Year's Eve celebration. Check out nearby events or set off some safe, small-scale fireworks in your backyard. Make sure to follow all safety guidelines and supervise children closely.

8. Scavenger Hunt Adventure

Organize a New Year's Eve scavenger hunt around your home or neighbourhood. Create clues and riddles that lead to hidden surprises or treats. Include challenges and tasks that are suitable for different age groups, and work as a team to solve the clues. The final clue could lead to a special "midnight" surprise to welcome the new year.

9. Memory Jar

Start a New Year's Eve tradition by setting up a memory jar. Throughout the year, encourage family members to jot down their favourite moments, achievements, and memories on slips of paper. Then, on New Year's Eve, gather around the memory jar and take turns reading these notes aloud. It's a heartwarming way to relive the highlights of the past year together.

10. Dance Party

Turn up the music and have a family dance party! Create a playlist with everyone's favourite songs, from classics to current hits, and let loose on the dance floor (or in the living room). You can even have a dance-off or a "freeze dance" game where everyone freezes when the music stops. Dancing is a joyful way to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another.

New Year's Eve is a wonderful time to come together as a family and create cherished memories. With these New Year's Eve activities for families, you can make the evening enjoyable and meaningful for everyone. Whether you're crafting decorations, watching movies, playing games, or reflecting on the past year, the key is to spend quality time with loved ones and welcome the new year with joy and togetherness. Happy New Year!

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