Safety and Security

Safety and Security


All entranceways of our schools are secured by a key-card entry security system, ensuring that only our families and teachers can enter the building unassisted. This was implemented to ensure maximum security and safety of the children. These security measures can be individually deactivated any time if needed. In some centers, even the front doors themselves are a security feature, preventing children from exiting the building alone.



Each classroom, playroom, and playground has at least one security camera which allows our front desks to continuously monitor activities throughout the center.


CPR / First Aid Certified

All of our teachers are certified in First Aid and CPR, even though the State of Massachusetts only requires us to have at least one certified person at each center at all times. In addition, we have numerous staff that are trained in medication administration and the use of Epi-Pens.


Background Checks

Another way we go beyond licensing requirements is by doing our own criminal conviction and background checks before a staff member starts working with children. We follow it up every year after that as well.


Lockdown Procedures

We also have lockdown procedures for each school and we practice them regularly so our families can have full confidence that their children are in safe hands.


Panic Buttons

We even have “panic buttons” that alert the police in the event of an emergency with just a quick press of a button.