Tips on How to Prepare Your Child For Daycare

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Mar 10, 2023

As a parent, you may feel nervous or anxious about sending your child to child care for the first time. It is natural to worry about how your child will adjust to a new environment, how they will interact with other children, and how they will cope with separation anxiety. However, there are steps you can take to prepare your child for daycare and make the transition smoother for both of you. Here are some tips to help you prepare your child for daycare.

1. Visit the Daycare Beforehand

Before your child starts at a new child care centre, schedule a visit to the facility. This will give you and your child an opportunity to meet the staff, explore the environment, and get a sense of the daily routine. This can help your child feel more comfortable and familiar with the surroundings when they start attending regularly.

2. Talk to your Child About Daycare

It is important to talk to your child about what to expect at their child care centre. Explain to them that they will be spending time with other children and that there will be different activities to participate in. You can also reassure them that you will be coming back to pick them up at the end of the day. This can help alleviate any fears or concerns they may have about attending daycare.

3. Start with Shorter Sessions

To help your child adjust to child care, consider starting with shorter sessions. This could mean dropping them off for an hour or two at first, and gradually increasing the amount of time they spend at daycare. This can help your child ease into the new routine and become more comfortable with being away from you.

4. Establish a Goodbye Routine

Creating a goodbye routine can help your child feel more secure when you leave them at their child care centre. This could involve giving them a hug and a kiss, telling them when you will be back to pick them up, and reminding them that you love them. Consistency is key, so try to stick to the same routine each day.

5. Pack Familiar Items

Sending your child to daycare with a familiar item, such as a favorite toy or blanket, can provide them with comfort and security. This can also help them feel more at home in the new environment.

6. Prepare for Separation Anxiety

It is common for children to experience separation anxiety when starting at a new child care centre. To help your child cope with this, try to stay calm and positive when you drop them off. Avoid prolonging the goodbye, as this can make the separation more difficult. It can also be helpful to establish a regular drop-off routine, as this can provide your child with a sense of predictability and security.


Starting daycare can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience for both you and your child. By taking these steps to prepare your child for child care, you can help them feel more comfortable and confident as they embark on this new adventure. Remember, it is normal for there to be an adjustment period, but with time and patience, your child will soon settle into their new routine.

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