No matter the weather, these 100 summer activities for kids are a great way to keep your little ones busy and enjoy some family fun time!

Fun in the sun is what summer is all about, and having summer family activities for the great outdoors is always a priority. But what about those rainy summer days? Don’t get caught stuck behind a screen. Make the most of your summer with our complete list of indoor and outdoor summer activities for kids and their families.

Outdoor Activities

  1. Go to the beach
  2. Have a fire (and make s’mores!)
  3. Water squirt gun fight 
  4. Blow bubbles 
  5. Take a trip to the zoo
  6. Nature scavenger hunt
  7. Set up a lemonade stand 
  8. Visit the splash park
  9. Play catch 
  10. Go to the park
  11. Have an outdoor picnic
  12. Play with sidewalk chalk
  13. Plant a garden
  14. Fly Kites 
  15. Go berry picking 
  16. Paint rocks
  17. Play in the sprinkler 
  18. Go camping 
  19. Make DIY popsicles 
  20. Water balloon baseball
  21. Go for a hike 
  22. Jump rope – learn how to double dutch 
  23. Create your own DIY solar oven
  24. Take a walk
  25. Watch the sunset/sunrise
  26. Go mini-golfing 
  27. DIY sidewalk paint
  28. Ride bikes around the neighbourhood 
  29. Stargazing
  30. Go to a pond and feed the ducks 
  31. Create a butterfly puddle
  32. Visit your community swimming pool
  33. Make a rainbow 
  34. Play hopscotch 
  35. Collect wildflowers for a bouquet 
  36. Skip rocks on the water
  37. Play messy Twister on the lawn (using shaving cream or washable paint)
  38. DIY slip and slide
  39. Make homemade snowcones 
  40. Create tie-dye shirts 
  41. Squirt gun painting 
  42. Shadow drawing 
  43. Play with a hoola hoop
  44. Learn a new dance 
  45. Have a toy car race
  46. Make pinecone bird feeders
  47. Go to the drive-in
  48. Play tag
  49. Watch the clouds and find different shapes
  50. Go to your local farmer’s market

Brothers building a fort and enjoying indoor summer activities for kids

Indoor Activities

  1. Make a fort 
  2. Watch a movie with popcorn
  3. Finger paint 
  4. Learn how to make friendship bracelets 
  5. Read a book
  6. Create an obstacle course with pillows 
  7. Solve a maze 
  8. Make paper airplanes 
  9. Camp in the living room
  10. Go to the library
  11. Bake cookies for your neighbours 
  12. Create a science experiment 
  13. Make homemade slime
  14. Have a treasure hunt 
  15. Play Simon Says
  16. Make a cereal necklace 
  17. Have a make-your-own pizza bar
  18. Create something out of clay
  19. Have an indoor picnic 
  20. Host a puppet show
  21. Make homemade playdough 
  22. Create your own escape room 
  23. Make a kaleidoscope
  24. Have a talent show
  25. Play hide and seek
  26. Make up a new game
  27. Do a puzzle 
  28. Paper plate horseshoes 
  29. Make kid-friendly summer skewers
  30. Go bowling
  31. Make a video
  32. Create pipe cleaner sculptures 
  33. Draw in a colouring book
  34. Family game night 
  35. Bake and decorate cupcakes 
  36. DIY suncatchers 
  37. Play bingo 
  38. Do some family yoga
  39. Play restaurant 
  40. Make a time capsule 
  41. Write a story
  42. Turn on music and have a dance party
  43. Play pretend 
  44. Host a fancy tea party 
  45. Have a spa day
  46. Paint your nails
  47. Make your own rock candy
  48. Learn a magic trick 
  49. Go to a museum
  50. Make a card for someone you love