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About BrightPath Waterdown Childcare Centres

Welcome to our BrightPath Waterdown childcare centres near you. We invite you to visit our locations and feel at home while you tour our centres. With a neutral colour tone and a feel of nature in each one of our classrooms, we strive to make our centres comfortable for each child and feel inviting to each family. We bring a specific focus to our childcare curriculum. We are a family-focused centre and encourage parents to become co-partners in their child’s developmental learning experience. Having the parents engage in different projects or in parent socials for our childcare centre is as impactful for us as it is our families.

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BrightPath Waterdown

We have always been known as the daycare centre that “looks like a house”. From being a home away from home for children to our long-standing daycare staff, this daycare centre has been the heart of Waterdown for many years. Our parents rave about our delicious menu and the warmth and friendliness that our daycare staff brings to the classroom.

89 Hamilton St N
Waterdown, ON

BrightPath Red Deer

BrightPath LEAP

At Brightpath LEAP, located in Waterdown, we offer an enriched daycare environment for our Kinders and School agers. We have our wonderful drivers that take them to and from school and a team of passionate educators. In the summer, our daycare offers full-day Discovery Zone activities. As well, our daycare centre offers a STEAM program for children.

20 Hamilton St N
Waterdown, ON