Your child’s body and mind rely on nutrition to grow and develop properly. To ensure your child has the fuel they need to succeed, we have partnered with a Registered Nutritionist. We have built a menu that features well-balanced meals and snacks with a high nutritional value.

We use fresh and locally-sourced ingredients as often as possible when preparing food for your child. With a four-week rotating schedule and seasonal modifications, children get to experience a wide variety of dishes and snacks. In an effort to instil healthy eating habits in children, we make the conscious effort to reduce their salt and sugar intake.

The Children’s House Montessori will do whatever we can to accommodate any dietary restrictions your child may have due to medical or cultural reasons. All of our locations are nut-free facilities.

Our Registered Nutritionist

Nutrition expert Andrea Holwegner is the energetic founder and president of Health Stand Nutrition Consulting Inc. Since 2000, she has counseled hundreds of individuals, including Olympic athletes, CEOs and families, on the benefits of healthy eating. Andrea spearheads a team of highly trained and experienced dietitians within her practice. She is also known as the “chocoholic nutritionist,” believing anyone can achieve health without guilt or complexity, and that the secret to success is having fun.

Andrea is one of a handful of Registered Dietitians in North America who are qualified professional speakers. She is a consultant on health trends and marketing to health-conscious consumers for the food, grocery and restaurant industry. She is a columnist for the Calgary Herald, and regular on- air expert for QR77 Radio, Global Calgary Morning News and CTV Morning News. She is a media representative for the Dietitians of Canada and member of the College of Dietitians of Alberta, the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Restaurants Canada and the Canadian Obesity Network. Andrea is the recipient of an award by the Dietitians of Canada: The Speaking of Food & Healthy Living Award for Excellence in Consumer Education.