Fun-Infused Learning

The Children’s House Montessori holds itself to a very high standard of early childhood education. We promise that your children will receive a holistic and well-rounded learning experience. All of our programming is designed to facilitate your child’s physical, psychological, social and emotional development.


French & Mandarin

Children have an incredible capacity for language. By introducing children to multilingualism, we hope to help them develop an aptitude for language that follows them into adulthood. Every week, dedicated French and Mandarin instructors spend time introducing children to the fundamentals of the languages. Using age-appropriate activities like games and stories, children gain exposure to and understanding of new language skills.


Music is a wonderful medium of self-expression. Regular time with a dedicated music instructor introduces children to the concepts of rhythm, pitch and sound. As the instructor leads the children in song, children have the opportunity to collaborate and participate with a variety of rhythmic and percussive instruments.



Yoga is an excellent tool for teaching children mindfulness, self-regulation and breathing exercises. Through regular yoga sessions, children learn to engage their bodies, which helps in the development of spatial awareness and flexibility.


Modern science indicates that physical activity can help boost a child’s academic performance, cognitive skill and overall mental wellness. We developed a proprietary physical literacy program called WeeMove™ as a means of incorporating physical fitness into your child’s learning experience. The program is typically set to music and held outdoors, allowing your child to move and learn freely. We can easily run this program indoors in the event of less agreeable weather.