What is Montessori?

Dr Maria Montessori believed that treating children with respect would inspire and empower them to create a better world once they reach adulthood. This belief is the basis for the Montessori method. Our goal is to cultivate creativity, independence, self-esteem and a thirst for learning in children. We encourage children to discover the world at their own pace, using all of their senses, their intellect and their relationships to help them learn.

Our curriculum facilitates self-directed learning, offering a supportive environment where children have the freedom to explore, create and co-operate. The Montessori method focuses on five specific areas: practical life, sensorial, language, math and cultural.

Our Programs


The Bambini Program

(6 weeks-18 months)

The Montessori Infant program is designed to foster basic trust and to assist in normal personality development. Basic trust develops in an environment where people respond appropriately to the infant’s communication of the need to be loved, respected and accepted. Infants learn through their senses; by watching and moving freely in their environment.


The Toddler Program

(18 months-2.5 years)

Children benefit from learning how to care for themselves and their environment. By providing the appropriate atmosphere, environment and instructors, we can help young children find their motivation and enthusiasm for learning. Children in this program experience French regularly through music, stories and conversation. Our Toddler Program also works as an important prerequisite to our CASA program.


The CASA Program

(2.5-6 years)

The CASA program helps children discover and feed their natural desire to learn; developing their own focus, drive and discipline along the way. We provide a framework within which each child can progress at their own pace according to their unique abilities and needs. The ability to mingle with children of different ages helps each child develop their own social skills and sense of self. Our afternoon program incorporates activities relating to math, geography, history and language.


The Before & After School Program

(6-13 years)

Our Before & After School program allows your child to take on a more independent role in their daily life before and after school. Children can explore their interest in music, theatre, technology, science and more on their own time and terms.

We work with your child to help them further develop their sense of self and emotional intelligence, using your child’s unique experiences, daily interactions and even the lessons they learned in school as a foundation.

The 5 Areas of Montessori


Practical Life

Practical Life is one area that is absolutely essential, especially for toddlers. This area focuses on helping children with their hand-eye coordination and balance control through simple exercises like pouring, spooning and folding. Basic physical tasks like wiping a table, helping prepare food, or cleaning up spills give children a strong sense of self and help to instil independence and self-esteem.

Practical Life also covers social elements like courtesy and conversation, giving children a daily opportunity to interact with others and practice their table manners. We leverage real-life situations and activities to promote concentration, inner discipline, gross motor function, three-finger-grasp and the care of one’s environment and one’s self.



Our classroom environment encourages children to use their senses as a means of exploration. Patterns, symmetry and other didactic sensorial material give children the opportunity to discover differences and similarities in colours, sounds, shapes and more. By exploring dimension and order through age and experience-appropriate exercises, children are introduced to the concepts of patterns and reasoning. These learnings create a strong foundation for their future understanding of math and science.

tch-language (1)


The language development area of our curriculum centres around preparing your child to communicate effectively and to understand both the written and spoken word. Young children are uniquely capable of developing language skills; a fact we take full advantage of. We help children develop a diverse vocabulary, express themselves articulately and build the confidence to do so. Small and large group discussions give children the opportunity to use and refine their budding language skills.

We place a high value on multilingualism. Our programming offers games and exercises in French at least three times a week, as well as Mandarin once a week. By introducing children to multiple languages at a young age, we hope to instil in them a lifelong love of communication and expression in addition to a tolerance and appreciation for diversity.



We introduce children to basic mathematical concepts through songs and finger plays, as well as practical exercises such as setting the table. As children age, they progress to more advanced and dynamic concepts. We use tangible, didactic materials to solidify a child’s understanding of place value, numeration and quantity. Having introduced your child to the individual primary concepts of math, we will then help them combine those concepts to cultivate a well-rounded and dynamic understanding.



We employ the use of field trips, hands-on projects and activities to inspire children to explore the diverse world of science and botany. In addition to a variety of science-themed exercises, our geography area uses landforms, globes and even computer software to help children understand that everyone on earth is linked. Our goal is to help children understand that they are an important part of the human race’s ongoing history.

tch-music-art (1)

Music & Art

An understanding and appreciation of music and art contribute to a dynamic and well-rounded worldview. Our early learning curriculum incorporates elements of visual art, performance art and music, as well as collaborative group art projects. Each day, children take part in music and movement activities and even get the chance to experience musical instruments from around the world.