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About Our BrightPath Stony Plain Childcare Centre

Come visit our BrightPath childcare centre near you in Stony Plain. We develop children’s social, emotional, and physical needs as they grow and progress throughout their journey. The childcare programs we offer nourish the body with physical activities combined with a nutrition-based menu prepared in-house each day. We inspire each child to grow by sharing a love of knowledge through inclusive practices and creativity. With plenty of parking, our childcare centres allow for easy drop off and pick up for parents. Take a tour of our BrightPath Stony Plain childcare centre near you!

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BrightPath Stony Plain

BrightPath Stony Plain

BrightPath Stony Plain daycare offers small class sizes for specific age groups. The large outdoor play space allows for superb physical development opportunities and children can learn and discover nature to their hearts’ content. With our daycare’s two spacious playgrounds – one specifically for Infants and the other shared between the rest of the age groups – there is plenty of space for physical activity, exploration and a large selection of age-appropriate learning materials. In addition, the children at our daycare have access to green spaces and parks in and around our community. allowing for lots of exploration outside of the daycare.

3805 49th Avenue
Stony Plain, AB