Learning at Home Infant Week 12

2 min
Jun 5, 2020

Cognitive Development

Stacking Blocks

Sit on the floor and build with blocks with your baby.  Stack three blocks and encourage your little one to copy your tower.  When your child is successful, rebuild your tower using more or less blocks and invite your baby to copy you.  Count the blocks in your tower and challenge your baby to count with you.

Physical Literacy

Giant Steps

Arrange masking tape or painter’s tape strips parallel to one another and about 8 inches apart to create a pathway that looks like rungs of a ladder.  Challenge your child to step from line to line.  Try the activity on another day and place the tape strips closer together so your child can practice taking baby steps.

Social-Emotional Development

Quiet & Calm Corner

Make a tent or covered area in a corner of your home with a blanket.  Place soft toys, some pillows and books inside.  With your child, read some books in this space, cuddle soft toys and model this space as a quiet and calm area to be. 

Language Development

Be My Shadow, Be My Echo

When outside on a sunny day, find your shadow on the ground.  Rock from side to side, raising your hands up and down to describe your actions. “My shadow is bigger; my shadow is smaller” Encourage your baby to find their shadow.  Use descriptive words to describe their shadow as your baby moves their body.

Creative Activity

Slide Painting

Place a large piece of paper on top of a slide or slanted piece of cardboard to make a ramp. Place the bottom of the slide or ramp in a box to catch the toys. Place drops of paint on the top of the paper and provide your infant with a toy car or small ball.  Encourage your infant to let the toy go at the top of the slide and comment on what happens with the paint.  Encourage your child to repeat several times.  Describe what is happening to the paint.  “The car is going down the slide.” and “I see blue paint lines.”


Additional Resources:

https://www.sesamestreet.org/home Visit this website for Sesame themed preschool games, videos and art.

https://www.typingclub.com/sportal/  Head to this website to learn or improve typing skills.