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Will you administer medication?


Each school is staffed at all times with persons trained in the administration of EPI pens and breathing treatments such as nebulizers and inhalers.  In order to administer these devices, proper medical documents are required. Likewise, we will administer Benadryl as long as the necessary documentation is on file.

Unfortunately, we cannot administer other medications, whether prescribed or over the counter.  This includes medications such as antibiotics, pain medications, cough syrup, throat lozenges, antacids, etc. If a child requires regular medication outside of those described in the above paragraph, we encourage families to discuss our policy with their child's pediatrician.  Often they can prescribe a medication that is taken at the beginning and end of each day, negating the need for a mid-day dose.  If a midday dosage is necessary, the family may come to the center to administer it.